Getting Started with iTunes

I’ve been thinking about getting an iPod for a while but I’ve held off for one reason or another. Well my wife got me an iPod Nano for my birthday recently so I’ve been digging through my cd’s – many of which still haven’t been unpacked since we moved into the house a couple of years ago.

One of the first things I had to do was to install iTunes. I try to be careful about the applications I install on my system. I didn’t have any worries about malware or anything like that but one of the requirements for iTunes is to install QuickTime. I had gotten a bad taste from previous experiences using QuickTime so I was looking to avoid installing that if possible. Luckily I found some posts like this one that talk about using a QuickTime alternative with iTunes.

One of the things I really liked about the iPod was the cover flow display – both within iTunes but also within the iPod itself. The problem that I’ve found though (and apparantly others have as well) is that iTunes sometimes gets the wrong album artwork or fails to find the artwork. I searched around to try and find a solution and thought I had found one named iTunes Art Importer but most of the links I found were broken. When I had finally found the application and installed it, it didn’t work – every search I tried returned right away with a message that no matches were found. I did some more searching to try and find another utility when I came across another page where Garett Harnish modified iTunes Art Importer to work again – apparantly the original version was written against an older version of the Amazon web service.

I’m sure there are lots of utilities out there for iTunes but this is all I’ve needed so far. There’s even an SDK for it.

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