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Compare Property & Field Values with Mole

January 15, 2008

As seems to happen with Mole, a suggestion quickly snowballed into a feature implementation. Mole now has the ability to save the members (properties/fields) of the selected element to an xml file and allow you to load that xml file back in to allow property comparison. This will be extremely helpful when you’re trying to debug a problem where something works for one element but doesn’t for another instance. There’s even an option to filter out members with the same value so you can see just the properties that differ.

 You can download the latest version here.

In addition, Karl has been posting some videos on YouTube that show how to use Mole. You can view those videos here.


Editing Properties and Fields with Mole

January 1, 2008

When debugging there are often times when you need to manipulate the value of a property or field within the watch window. Mole is a great visualizer that lets inspect the properties/fields of other objects in the visual/logical tree but if you saw something that needed to be changed, you would have to come out of the visualizer, change the value (assuming you could easily write the code necessary in the watch window Name column to locate the appropriate object) and then continue debugging.

Well, one of the things that I really wanted to see in Mole was editing capability similar to that of Snoop so we took the time and added it in. I wrote the editing infrastructure making use of .NET’s TypeConverters and Karl wrote the editors making it easy to edit common data types like fonts, colors, enums, etc. You can check it out here.

Note, there are some limitations to what can be done. For example, you can’t create new instances of classes as you might be able to do with the watch window. Since we’re using typeconverters, the editing is limited to the typeconverter associated with the property/field type. Maybe this is something we can look to add in a future version.

Mole for Visual Studio

December 15, 2007

Karl is at it again. He extended Mole to allow it to be used for other types of objects including WinForms Controls, ASP.Net controls, etc. You can read about it on Mole’s home page or on codeproject.

Karl is very kind in his mentions of my involvement. I did help more with this version but Karl is the main one to thank for this round of enhancements. In any case, I highly advise you to try it out. If you have any comments or suggestions, be sure to send them to