Baml Viewer Fixes

I use Reflector everyday and I’ve always wanted to give something back to Lutz for making this great utility. One of the things I use within Reflector is the BamlViewer addin but it had some problems correctly displaying all the baml I’ve tried to view. In some cases it even crashed while parsing the resource.

Since the code was in CodePlex, I decided to try and fix these issues myself. Having done so I wanted to get these incorporated into the addin so someone else encountering the same issues could get the fixes. In order to check in these changes though you have to be a developer on the project so I contacted Lutz to see if he wanted to check them in. Reflector has recently been handed over to RedGate Software so he referred me to James Moore who aside from being a coordinator on that project also heads up the .Net developer tools division at RedGate. He kindly agreed to add me on as a developer to that project so this morning I checked in my fixes.

One more change that I’d like to make is that I’d like to get it to support displaying the xml namespace prefix. I have made some changes locally to address this so when I get a chance I’ll test it out more thoroughly, clean it up and get that checked in as well.

11 Responses to “Baml Viewer Fixes”

  1. Alex Simkin Says:

    Could you please also fix the issue with viewer not displaying Path geometry data (just ??? instead).

  2. agsmith Says:

    Can you post a xaml snippet that would demonstrate the problem?

  3. agsmith Says:

    Actually you can skip the snippet. I see what’s going on. I don’t know when/if I’ll be able to get to this but I’ll keep it on my list. There’s a lot of custom parsing that would have to be done to parse the baml binary back into the appropriate stream geometry commands.

  4. Dr. WPF Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for getting these fixes checked in, Andrew!

  5. agsmith Says:

    Thanks Doc. I’m going to get a couple of more fixes/changes in as well.

    Alex, I think I have the path parsing implemented. I’ll try to get these changes in soon.

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